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EasyBusy is an easy-to-use Electronic Real Estate platform to simplify and enable Direct property Selling-Buying process. Our goal is to help all our clients by offering best digital practices, because we understand that each case is different and it is our duty to find the best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ – General

What is EasyBusy used for?

It helps and facilitates the direct buying and selling of property process between two parties. A new platform that does not require any third party / real estate agents intervention, hence, it results on a great saving of brokerage fees, about 10 times cheaper.

What are the benefits of EasyBusy?

There are no intermediaries. The information between buyer and seller is fully transparent and all the data is collected in one file to facilitate the entire transaction at all levels. Increased visibility via real estate portals. No Sale – No Fees.

What is included in the EasyBusy service fee?

Everything – All our IT services, assistance and advice as well as publication fees on the real estate portals without any other hidden costs.

How long do you advertise properties on the portals?

On our own portal, the duration is unlimited. On the other real estate partner portals 4 months free publications are included. Beyond this period, if your selling price and conditions of sale are in line with market reality, an extension of this period may be agreed.

What to do if my home is already on the market for sale with an estate agent?

No worries, you can use both methods or simply, you can terminate your existing contract in writing with your real estate agent according to the Article 404 CO of Swiss law, and save thousands of francs, by mastering your own sale.

Can I use both estate agent and EasyBusy sales channels simultaneously?

Yes, you can use both methods if you wish and if you think you have more chance for selling. However, your asking price on the EasyBusy site, must correspond to the price of real estate agencies, less their brokerage fees; and you are bound by the application of our general conditions / article N°7.

How long can I use your free services for?

Unlimited on our real estate portal, if your sale price and your conditions of sale are consistent with the current situation of the real estate market.

Are you going to release or share my personal and confidential information with others?

Absolutely not. Your specific information is confidential and available to you at all time for any update and modifications. The buyer and seller data will appear on the final sales file. The latter can be shared and communicated ONLY under the approval process of both parties (seller and buyer).

FAQ – Selling

How do I sell my property with EasyBusy?

Register on EasyBusy as a valid user / seller in accordance with your identity card. Decide and plan your sale. Use our quick checklist to gather all the necessary information and insert all information at your disposal into the EasyBusy system for selling your property.

Price - How much is it going to cost me?

Our service charges and prices are transparent at a flat rate of CHF 4’500.- all-inclusive and payable ONLY if the property is sold. No Sale – No Fees.

How would I know the average selling price of my property?

Do your own research, depending on the conditions of your property and renovation requirements or not. Find out what prices are in your neighbourhood for similar properties. Look on different Swiss real estate portals for prices in your city or neighbourhood.

Does EasyBusy provide all the marketing needs of the property sale for me?

YES. If you have completed all the information of your property, accompanied by well-presented photos, with the right price, then we will take care of the rest.

What kind of professional services do you provide for photography, 3D virtual tour service, home staging etc.?

We do not provide personalized services. Using a latest generation of smartphone with its good quality camera, you can make your own photos and 3D virtual tour of your property, (Sizes of the recommended photos are 21:9 for 4 x cover photos and 16:9 for all other areas of the property). You can insert your own video on YouTube and enter the link in your property insertion section.

Do you assist me in showing my house to the potential buyers?

We advise and accompany you in all your sales steps. People do not like to visit the messy places. Who else knows your property better than you? So, before each visit, make sure all your rooms are tidy and clean. If necessary, open windows to ventilate rooms before visits. Ensure maximum brightness in the rooms. Some flowers and lighted candles can be useful. Finally, if you do not have free time for the visits, do not hesitate to ask the help of your relatives, people of confidence, neighbours, concierge, etc.

What should I do once I start receiving offers?

Each offer may result in an opportunity. Review it carefully, if you are interested then you can accept, or simply reject it if it is not a serious offer or you can start negotiating to reach a final successful agreement.

How Can I cancel my listing(s) on EasyBusy?

To cancel an existing listing, select the “My Account” tab at the top right and select the “My properties” tab, then your active ads will be displayed, then simply choose the “Delete” button in the right hand side to cancel.

What feedback should I expect from the buyer in the negotiations, after I submit my offer?

Once you have successfully submitted your property for sale, it becomes visible to the potential buyers via the EasyBusy website as well as other Swiss real estate portals. Then potential buyers will contact you by phone, e-mail or via our Negotiation module, for more detailed information or simply to arrange a visit, etc.

When do I pay my fees and how do I make payment?

You will pay at the end and ONLY if you sold your property. No Sale – No Fees. With your Final sales document PDF File, which contains all the information related to the property, seller and buyer will be sent to the notary of your choice, accompanied by our invoice for CHF 4’500.- for payment. Or simply you can pay it through any banking or post payment facilities.

What happens if I do not sell my property?

Nowadays, purchase requests are high depending on region. Sometimes, there are high expectations and you will have to readjust your offer and your sales strategy by checking your price, home staging or simply by writing your offer highlighting the key and important points of your property.

FAQ – Buying

How do I buy a property by using EasyBusy?

All unregistered buyers can view our items all the time and without any obligation. Depending on your potential interest in an item and to get in touch with its seller, it is necessary to register as a user / buyer in accordance with your identity card.

Price - How much is it going to cost me buying a property through EasyBusy?

Zero – You as a buyer pay nothing for using our services and buying a property via EasyBusy.

How can I submit an offer to seller for a property posted on EasyBusy?

Once you have carefully reviewed and decided to visit the property or submit an offer, then as a valid registered user you can go to our Negotiation module to start contacting and discussing the terms directly with the property owner.

What kind of feedback should I expect from the seller after I submit my offer?

You have already made the first big step. Depending on your offer and conditions, a seller may accept your offer, reject it OR start negotiating it again. Try to practice Win-Win mutual discussions to finalize an agreement.

How can I negotiate the offer, the price or a term of my offer through EasyBusy?

To keep track of all information, discussions and agreements, we encourage you to use our integrated Negotiation module. This will guide you through the entire buying process, up to the final steps and documents for the signing of the notarial deed. You can also use phone discussions or e-Mails at your convenience.

How can I know if the seller has accepted another offer?

You will receive a reply from the seller. Our Negotiation module is designed in a way that a seller can inform you, by Accept, Reject or Renegotiate options.

What if I change my mind about wanting to buy the negotiated property?

No problem. Simply make sure that you inform the seller, then through the Negotiation module decline your submitted offer.

FAQ – Utilisation & Technical

Is my information secure?

Absolutely. EasyBusy uses both online and offline security technologies and procedures to protect user’s information against unauthorized access, damage, and/or misuse. The database and other confidential data are stored and maintained in a secure and trusted Swiss-based cloud. Also, we employ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption protocol when transmitting data over the Internet to our system. For additional information, please follow to our privacy policy page.

Where the EasyBusy server and applications are hosted?

We use cloud technology and all our server side applications and confidential data are hosted in Switzerland.

What kind of equipment do I need to use EasyBusy?

All kind of recent equipment and technology to connect to the internet. Computer, tablet or smartphone, and an internet connection.

What type of browser should I use?

EasyBusy functions with all modern and popular internet browsers that support Javascript, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari Web Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera Web Browser, and other.

How can I upgrade my browser?

Please make sure you are using an up-to-date version of the browser and contact your provider for updates if necessary.

How do I register to EasyBusy?

Easy – Like all other registration procedures on the Web. Just click on the button at the top right-hand “Join” and fill in the fields with all your valid information.

How do I cancel my EasyBusy account?

Simple – On your profile screen where your photo is displayed, go to the bottom of the page, there is a link that will allow you to quit EasyBusy. We are sorry in case you have to use this option and your feedback is of great value to us.

How do I unsubscribe from emails, alerts?

Select top right-hand side tab “My Account” and select “Profile” Tab, then click the “Notifications” tab on the left menu. You can select appropriate options to unsubscribe from emails and alerts.

How can I change my password? Or what if I forgot my password?

To change your password, select top right-hand side tab “My Account” and select “Profile” Tab, then in left hand-side select “change password” option for new password change. If you have forgotten your password, at the first sign in screen click on “Password forgotten” tab and follow the instruction.

How do I search for available properties?

On the main page click on “Buy a Home” tab, then on the “SEARCH” to see all the listings in Switzerland, OR simply use “Filter” and “Search” to narrow down your search selection to your specific requirement.

FAQ – Legal

Is EasyBusy a safe method for selling and buying property?

Definitely YES. All your data and information are stored in Switzerland. You are protected by our privacy policy and since it is a direct sale, you control everything as no other third party or agencies are involved in the process.

Sale - What if I change my mind about selling my property via EasyBusy?

No problem, you can change your mind about selling your property at any time and can cancel your property for sale on EasyBusy platform. Attention – You are bound by the application of our general conditions / article N°7.

Buy - What if I change my mind about buying a property via EasyBusy?

There is no legal implication if you change your mind about buying a property, before any signing process with the Notary, simply inform the seller and cancel.

What if I cancel selling my property on EasyBusy and sell it later-on?

No problem, you can cancel selling your property at any time without any prior notice, any cost or penalty. However, you are bound by the application of our general conditions / article N°7, if you sell your property within 12 months after the cancelation.

Do I have any obligation towards your listed partners?

Not at all. You have no obligation towards our partners and you don’t have to use their services or products if you don’t want to. As an additional service to our customers / users, we have negotiated special offers and discount packages to provide you with some price discounts, if you wish to use them. We understand that buying a property is an expensive process, so we try to assist and bring more values to our customers.

What advantages are there for me with your listed partners?

Special offers and discounts on prices. We have negotiated these terms to save you as much money as possible.

Can’t you find what you’re looking for?  OR do you have more questions? OR do you have suggestions? Please, contact us via and we’ll get back to you.

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